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Available on Google Play!

Matasoft is an indie game development studio, founded in 2014 by George Mataragas, and located in Athens, Greece.

Our purpose is to make highly enjoyable, fun and creative video games. Reinforced with fresh ideas and new perspectives, we bring something new in the games industry.


Latest tweets

Matasoft Studios
@MatasoftStudiosMay 02
It's been so long since the last update and a lot of stuff is going on. We are working for 4 months now, on a...
Matasoft Studios
@MatasoftStudiosNov 09
We are pleased to announce a patch for LandFort. Coming November 11, v1.1.3 will include the following patch...
Matasoft Studios
@MatasoftStudiosOct 22
The final version of free-to-play Android game LandFort is available in Google Play. #indiegame #games
Matasoft Studios
@MatasoftStudiosOct 10
We're currently developing a #strategy, tower defense game. The enemy is in liquid form and involves real-time fluid dynamics. #indiedev
Matasoft Studios
@MatasoftStudiosJan 11
Matasoft Studios
@MatasoftStudiosJan 11
RT @indiegamemag: Looking to make some extra cash to fund your #indiegame? Sell some assets over at #GameDev Market!

Contact us

You may contact us about anything using the nearby form, or just send an email at